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The fastest growing test management app on Jira — AIO Tests

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

What makes AIO Tests the fastest growing test management app on Jira?

AIO Tests

AIO Tests, one of Jira's leading test management apps, released in June 2020, has been rated as the fastest growing test management app in Jira.

With a plethora of test management options in Jira, let’s see what makes AIO Tests stand out on the Jira marketplace.

  1. Simplicity: AIO Tests was launched with one mantra, making test management a quick and simple experience. With its zero setup time and intuitive navigation, we promise to get you started in no time.

  2. Value: AIO Tests, while intended to be simple, does not compromise on features. Loaded with all basic features from case creations, import, export, executions, traceability, reporting, automation to unique features like the project overview dashboard, BDD integration, bulk edit in Excel, most valuable cases report, execution burn down view and backed by extensive documentation, this power packed tool is only getting bigger and better.

  3. Support: At AIO, we understand that real world use cases are varied and we ensure that the valuable suggestions from our customers guide our roadmap. AIO Tests reviews speak for themselves.

  4. Cost: The best things in the world are free. Well, in AIO Tests’ case, very light on the pocket. With the rich feature set of AIO Tests, we want to make quality affordable for everyone.

If you would like to jump on to the fastest growing test management app or know more, reach out to us at or book a demo now.

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